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Hi, and welcome to our online store. JP Ross Fly Rods is a maker of custom fly rods. All our fly rods are hand made. We specialize in small stream and freshwater fly rods. JP Ross Fly Rods has been operating for 16 years and has made over 5000 fly rods since we started in 1997. Please enjoy and if you have questions please call or email us. 315-736-0353 888-300-6617. Call us or email us with any questions you may have. We are proud to make our rod in the USA.

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  • Beaver Meadow Small Stream Custom Fly Rods

    Beaver Meadow Small Stream Custom Fly Rods

    Short fly rods are something we specialize in. Fly Fishing in the Adirondacks is a lot of rock hoping and exploration. However you don't have to be from the Adirondacks to like small stream fly fishing. Small streams happen everywhere, from Vermont to the Midwest to the west coast and I have even talked to people wanting short fly rods for fishing for schoolie striped bass.

    But if you want to make a real short fly rod for fishing small streams you have to have a fly rod that is diversified and can handle a lot of different casts. The rod has to be able to roll cast. It has to set the hook quickly. It has to be able to flip a fly, especially a weighted fly or a bushy fly in the wind, and most importantly, it has to be a lot of fun when catching a wild trout or small fish or any kind.

    Can you just chop a long fly rod to turn it into a short fly rod? The simple answer is no. Consider the reason we make a small stream short fly rod. The rivers and stream we have in Central New York are essentially the delta before the Adirondacks filters to the Mohawk River. Our environment has forced us to design a fly rod for these types of applications and fly fishing styles. If you simply chop a few inches off the tip of a fly rod, you are making the rod much stiffer and usually not very good for roll casting. Yes, but what if you just chop a bunch of inches off the butt section? Well, this does work, but it makes for a cob job fly rod and eventually when you do need the butt section of the rod to land a bigger fish, you won't have it anymore. You also will have a fly rod that does not have equal sections.

  • Fly Rods

    Fly Rods

    Fly Rods

  • Retro rod and reels

    Retro rod and reels

    Rods, Reels and accessories for the collector. All Gear is in working order, unless specified.

    In my journey to come up with a fiberglass fly rod that would be best for our brand, I started out buying up a bunch of fiberglass fly rods. I have kept some for myself, and some I have just cast to get the feel of them, while others I just simply glanced at to get their look and feel.

    Starting April 1st, I will release this collection to the public and sell the many fiberglass fly rods and old style reels I have collected. Some of them are just old H.I. fiberglass rods worth very little, while other Orvis and Fenwick fiberglass fly rods I think will be very interesting to some people.

    Reels consist of Hardys, Medalists, and HI's. In the attached pictures you can see a sampling of the reels we will be offering. All of these reels are in working condition and could be fished.

    Also in the category photos you will find fly rods from the likes of Abercrombie and Fitch, Orvis, Garcia, Conolon Live Fiber Fiberglass, and my favorite... the Fenwick fiberglass fly rod. Some of these rods are tip over butt ferrules, some are old style metal ferrules.

    Prices will range from $20.00 and up on the reels and rods will start at 65.00.

    In general, shipping for reels will be $8.95 and shipping for rods will be $14.95 to $16.95 depending on the ship to address.

    We will ship to Europe and Alaska.

    These Rods and Reels are on a first come first serve basis. They will be listed out of stock until midnight the dawn of April 1st. Opening day of trout season in New York.

  • Adams Fly Rod

    Adams Fly Rod

  • Fly Reels and spools

    Fly Reels and spools

  • Reuben Wood

    Reuben Wood

    e glass version of the beaver meadow small stream fly rod.

  • Onyx, Fast Action

    Onyx, Fast Action

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